Boundary Surveys

Boundary Identification SurveysDo you need the location of your boundary marked and a plan certified by a licensed surveyor?

boundary surveyor boundary identification

A boundary identification survey provides good insurance your building project will be located within your boundaries.

Need a Boundary Surveyor?

Do you need a reliable boundary surveyor? AMB Surveys licensed surveyor, can mark out and provide a clear certified plan as to where your boundaries are located.

Whether you are:

  • building near boundaries
  • replacing fencing
  • or have access disputes

A certified survey by our boundary surveyor can give you peace of mind that your assets are protected.

Our licensed surveyor will search for registered plans from the Lands Title Office (LTO) relevant to your property. We will then calculate and measure to survey marks and other evidence to define where your boundary is located.

A plan will be produced by our boundary surveyor, that shows the dimensions of your property boundaries, the location of any easements and any relevant occupation near your boundaries. This plan is certified by a licensed surveyor.

AMB Surveys will advise you of any issues that may exist with your boundaries and whether further survey or plan preparation is required to protect your assets. In areas where discrepancies to title data exist a Plan for Information Purposes may be required to be lodged at the Lands Title Office.

Plan delivery is usually by pdf and or hard copy plans. If architects or engineers are utilizing the plan for design then Acad dwg files are also delivered.


Marking your boundaries with pegs to give a definite location of your boundary.


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