Land Division/Boundary Realignment

Land Division/Boundary RealignmentsDo you have the potential to divide your property into 2 or more titles?

Boundary Realignment – We can help you

Boundary Realignment: AMB Surveys can provide assistance right through the development process from site evaluation, applications for councils, coordination of conditions for approvals and final plan lodgement for new title issue.

Your land division may involve creating new allotments or undertake a boundary realignment of existing titles to maximise your land’s potential.

To divide your land or realign the boundaries you need to go through the following process:

  1. Preliminary enquiry to Local Council to review the suitability of the development against the Council Development Plan.
  2. Preparation of an application plan suitable for Council and other agency assessment.
  3. Lodgement of the application plan with the Development Assessment Commission (DAC).
  4. Assessment of the application plan. DAC distributes to all required authorities (Council, SA Water, CFS, Native Veg etc.).
  5. Attendance to conditions. Authorities place conditions on the development that must be attended to before DAC will issue the section 51 clearance.
  6. Preparation of a final survey plan will be a condition for section 51 clearance.
  7. Lodgement of final plan at the Lands Titles Office (LTO). Section 51 clearance is required before the final plan can be lodged at the LTO.
  8. LTO examination of plan.
  9. Examination of documents.
  10. Deposit of plan.
  11. Issue of title.
Boundary Realignment

Final certified plan of division.

Boundary Realignments 2

Application plan suitable for lodgment with DAC.

This process has many variables and the time from application lodgement to title issue can vary from 4 months to 12 months or more depending on:

  • The conditions placed on division and the speed at which they are attended to.
  • The work load of the council planners.
  • The time taken by the conveyancer for document preparation, including time for banks to release titles.

Boundary Realignment: AMB Surveys can navigate you through the division stages taking on as much of the process as you wish, depending on your budget.

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