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Lease and Easement Plans


Need a Lease Plan or Easement Plan?

If you are looking at establishing a Lease or easements over property AMB Surveys can provide the required lease plan or easement plan for lodgement at the Lands Title Office.

Services provided are:

  • Easement plans
    • Right of ways
    • Private electricity supply
    • Private water supply
    • Service easements
  • Lease plan(s)
  • Lettable Area plans
    • Net Lettable area
    • Gross Lettable area

If your lease negotiations require knowledge of the areas involved these can be done to the Property Council of Australia (PCA) Guidelines. Consultation with parties will confirm a plan based on either Net Lettable Areas or Gross Lettable Areas (GLA or GLAR).

lease plan

Clearly defined lease areas give assurance to occupying parties.

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